Dantes Down The Hatch. An Atlanta Jazz Club

Dante's Down the Hatch
Jazz and Fondue Restaurant and Club
3380 Peachtree Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30326



Dante's dream inspired him to create an entertainment complex around the illusion of an 18th century sailing ship tied to the wharf of a mythical Mediterranean village.

The club is divided into 13 levels, all but two interconnecting, but the feeling of privacy is maintained. Private parties from 10 to 400 guests can be entertained easily on thirteen levels in a wide range of flexible rooms, cabins, decks and balconies.

Rising high above the Wharf is the impressive stern of a full-rigged sailing vessel...mast, sails and all...with a moat, complete with live crocodiles surrounding the hull, all within a 3-story building.

Aboard ship, and within the upper and lower decks are five levels of seating and enclosed cabins for dining or drinks...all affording an excellent view of the entertainment stage amidships.

Enhancing the entire effect is a magnificent array of fascinating memorabilia and priceless antiques. Clocks from the original Lloyd's of London. Paneling from old English banks.  An 1892 barbershop from Sheffield, England.

About Our Wines...
Our wine awards are too numerous to list. Suffice it to say, we boast one of the most comprehensive wine lists in the Southeast and consistently Atlanta's lowest prices, ranging from $16.00 to well over $800.00. We boast over 90 bottles at $36.00 or less.
About our Menus...
Our club draws guests from around the world, so naturally Dante's offers menus in over 55 languages, including Braille.



Our Music (consistently soothing for over a third of a century)

Our jazz can be described as: romantic, nostalgic, eternal, non-dated, intellectual, soft, and soothing. Never loud! Our musicians (piano, bass, drums and vocalist) follow the styles of such greats as Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner and George Shearing. Yes, they take requests and appreciate your feedback..
In the words of the title of one of Paul Mitchell’s compositions; our jazz provides you, our listener, with “Another Way to Feel”.

And one of Dante’s many goals; leave our club, wanting to return.

Six nights a week for over 33 years, we have used only 4 trios and offer live jazz every night except Monday, when we feature a vocalist with acoustic guitar.

Club opens 4 PM daily, 5 PM Sundays.

Live music as follows* :

Monday 6 to 11 (acoustic guitar & vocalist)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7 to 11 (Jazz trio)

Friday and Saturday, 6 to midnight. (Jazz trio & female vocalist)

Sunday 7 to 11 (Jazz trio)

* Minor seasonal time changes; phone us to verify and/or make reservations.

Currently performing; The John Robertson Trio, with John Robertson (Paul Mitchell’s protégé) on our 1918 Steinway, Edwin Williams on stand-up bass, Terry Smith percussionist & vocalist Rosemary Rainey. Mr. Robertson majored in Music Education at Morris Brown College and has performed for 25 years, over 15 years with us. He possesses a keen sense of style and timing and is dedicated to providing authentic romantic jazz. We think you will like him. Tell us what you think….

Acoustic guitarist: Paul Newkirk or Judy Arnold.

404-266-1600. We urge you to make reservations, be it for drinks or dinner.

Incidentally “only satisfied customers can give us job security”.



Since 1970, Dante's Down the Hatch has been popular with professional travel and meeting planners.  Dante's Down the Hatch is a labor of love which has enriched the lives of those who come to be transported in spirit to an earlier, more romantic time.

The whole idea behind this small wonderland is, as Dante puts it, to make tomorrow more pleasant.  Which makes it all worthwhile.

Private parties to 400 guests can be entertained easily on thirteen levels in a wide range of flexible rooms, cabins, decks and balconies.  Dante's is famous for hosting such diverse affairs as small to large dinners, receptions, cocktail parties, business meetings, rehearsal dinners and even ship board weddings.  We make our own hors d'oeurves.



What They've Said Since 1971...

"One of the twelve most beautiful lounges in the world, 1971." Institutions Magazine (one of the two major hospitality publications)
Best Wine List, Best Restaurant with Music and "A most unusual setting."
--Where to Eat in America
"Service at Dante's is one of its best known features... 'eager' and 'personal' are some how inadequate to describe the zest of the service."
--Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"...couples favor the informal elegance of the jazz room at Down the Hatch..."
        --New York Times
"Down the Hatch will be well worth your time and money. Have a good cruise."
--Atlanta Magazine
"Dante's Down the Hatch is about the classiest establishment there. This facsimile of a Spanish Galleon specializes in top-notch jazz."
--Better Homes & Gardens
"One of three places recommended for food and drink in Atlanta. "Owner Dante Stephensen runs a lively nightclub and restaurant...the place is generally packed to the rigging with jazz fans..."
"...there's much to be enjoyed at Dante's Down the Hatch - food, entertainment, contemporary music..."
--House & Garden Magazine
"...listen in at Dante's Down the Hatch if you like jazz..."
"...the hub for late night activity..."
"Best jazz in the Southeast..."
"It's worth a visit for great jazz..."
--Business Week
Other noteworthy comments have been made in the following publications:
Wall Street Journal
Town & Country
Washington Post
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Miami Herald
Denver Post
LA Times
New York Times
Mobil Travel Guide
Frommers Guide
Wine Spectator
Rand McNally



A better mixed drink...employees who give a damn...and an atmosphere both genuine and relaxed.®

This philosophy is so basic to Dante's success that it's been registered.
Test it; it's worked for us since 1970.

A Better Mixed Drink.
At a fair price. All drinks contain call brand liquor, minimum pour 1 to 1¼ ounces.

Employees Who Give A Damn.
My crew, handpicked over the years from the most qualified college and graduate students, are dedicated men and women who helped build Down the Hatch both literally and figuratively. They're thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of the club's operation,
and the 'lore' of Down the Hatch.

An Atmosphere Both Genuine And Relaxed.
Dante's was created to be a never-never-land where cares of the world never intrude on pleasures of enjoying drinking, dining and listening to music in an atmosphere of the romantic past.

"I stand for quality; always have, always will, and I'm here 26 hours a day to prove it!"




Tasmanian beef STU
created by Chef Simmons A more than generous portion of our choice tenderloin pieces (you'll have to hunt for the veggies) in a home-made broth. served with French bread and sweet tub butter.
(Varies daily with the mood of chef. Tell us how you like it.)

Chinese Dumplings (by Mr. Hsu)
These sautéed, hand made dumplings are filled with a combination of meats, vegetables and spices including ginger and scallions.

Imported Cheese Fondue (Swiss)
Made with Emmenthal, Gruyere, other Swiss cheeses, Kirsch, and Swiss wines.
Served with french and honey nut bread croutons, and Oregon Winesap apples.

Soup (cup or bowl)
Chunks of chicken breast, vegetables, eggs, Asian spices and a pinch of curry in a natural broth.
Homemade daily by chef Souveth of Laos.

Captain's salad
Dante's version of a chef's salad; a meal in itself-two kinds of lettuce, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and smoked ham.

Bavarian Artichoke (when available)
Steamed to perfection. Served with melted butter and/or our own Swiss cheese sauce.

Cheese Trays

...and here's a little bit of Europe.

Each tray serves 2 to 6 people. Trays include some or all of the following imported crackers: Canadian Stone Wheat Thins
English Water biscuits
Carr's English Wheatmeal Biscuits

Add slices of winesap apples to any tray.

International Sampler
Boursin from France
Havarti from Denmark
Gouda from Holland
Cheddar from New York

Port Salut

Swiss-American Sampler
Wisconsin Muenster

Cannon Ball
Cheese ball made of aged New York cheddar cheese with Port wine; then rolled in fresh Georgia Pecans.


Beef Fondue (A full 1/2 pound of choice natural beef )
We trim our own beef tenderloins, using only choice or better cuts (fillet); fresh whitecrown Pennsylvania mushrooms, and fresh cherry tomatoes. We use only beef from Tasmania, an island province to the south of Australia.

The pure tenderness is natural (we give you a dull butter knife to prove it). We do not tenderize or marinate our beef. No chemical hormones, bacteria, or feed prefatteners are used with Tasmanian cattle. Presented with our chefs special sauces, french and honey nut breads with sweet tub butter.

Mandarin Fondue (4 items totalling 1/2 pound)
This unusual fondue was developed by Hsu, our chef, and Dante, mixing traditions of the Orient with those of the European fondue.

Included are 8 ounces of plain and marinated meats: Tasmanian beef, marinated pork tenderloin, garlic rubbed chicken breast, and lightly breaded shrimp. Presented with our special sauces, French and honey nut breads with sweet tub butter.

Imported Cheese Fondue (Swiss)
Made with Emmenthal, Gruyere, other Swiss cheeses, Kirschwasser, Neuchatel and other Swiss wines. Served with French and honey nut bread croutons, Oregon Winesap apples, fresh vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

Chinese Dumplings (By Mr. Hsu)
These sauteed handmade dumplings are filled with a combination of several meats, vegetables, and spices, including ginger and scallions. They can be fondued, eaten as is, and/or dipped in our two special Oriental sauces provided; even the dough is handmade.
Don't ask for his recipe, he won't tell you!

8 dumplings included. Mate's salad, bread and butter included.

Vegetable Fondue
A nice compliment of garden fresh vegetables including broccoli, carrots, red potatos, yellow squash, Pennsylvania white crown mushrooms, and cauliflower.

Served with our chefs special sauces, french and honey nut bread with sweet tub butter

A Non-Fondue
Chunks of chicken breast sauted in a special teriyaki sauce. Served on a bed of rice with steamed broccoli, fresh scallions and mushrooms.



Homemade New York style, better than Lindy's (limited availability). It took four years of sampling cheesecakes for Dante to find one he would stand behind. His 91-year-old mother oversees baking them (using fresh brown eggs), one at a time, the old-fashioned way. It takes 6 hours to prepare the cake.

Pecan Pie
Homemade daily with honey, all natural ingredients and an abundance of Georgia Pecans.

Chocolate Fudgecake
Homemade daily with all natural ingredients and sprinkled with almond flakes.

Ice Cream
A generous serving of rich vanilla; add your favorite liquer as a topping.


Chocolate Fondue

A minimum of two days advance notice is required. Sorry we can only do one each week night. We don't do chocolate fondues on Fridays or Saturdays.

A feast in itself - more than just a dessert! Personally served to you by Dante (or one of his managers).

The fruit is hand-picked at the market and the Swiss honey-base chocolate is hand folded by our chefs and brews for eight hours. It is served with only fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, bananas, honeydew, other fresh fruit in season, and marshmallows......a real delicacy. Dante suggests that you finish your meal 2-3 hours before coming here for the chocolate fondue; then plan on gorging for a minimum of two hours.

Prepared for a minimum of 6 to maximum of 12 persons.
Due to the complexity of preparation, we do only 1 per night, and we don't do them on Fridays or Saturdays.